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Featured Services

Our Featured Services are a listing of the service offerings that we feel we outperform our competition.

These type of capabilities are what sets us apart from other Service Disabled businesses. Over the years we have gained valuable knowledge and experience that benefits our clients. This experience helps to reduce change orders, risk and overall project cost by potential mistakes other less experienced firms might make.


Design Build

Design it and build it together.
Often by teaming with top industry professionals we can shorten a project duration by overlapping design and construction. This featured service, often benefits our clients with short amounts of time to come up with solutions to their space needs.


Prepared for the future.
TMM meets the newest design standards for Federal Government Agencies with the CAD software we utilize. We also have the capability of delivering full Building Information Modeling to our clients to meet project requirements. TMM personnel are constantly training for the future utilizing BIM.


Taking blueprints to a whole new level.
Project involvement of all users and owners is becoming more the standard. With users not being architects or engineers by trade, it is hard for users to visualize the final project. On projects, especially of large scale, we find that bringing a drawing to life with a 3D rendering can eliminate problems for owners.

Interior Design

Feel invigorated.
By focusing on ergonomics, comfort and additionally sustainable design our clients are always happy with the interior design piece of our projects. We value our clients well being and want the space we have created for them to be of the most pleasurable as possible.

CPM / Fast Track Construction

Another option to shorten the schedule.
By being able to overlap parts of the design with the construction process. Our team of professionals have become experts in the fast track methods and find this option to be appealing to clients with small project windows of opportunity.

Facility Assessments

Our expert inspectors will evaluate your R&M needs.
With the years of service TMM personnel has under our belt, we are the experts that you need to evaluate your repair and maintenance needs especially VA medical centers. The list of VA sites our personnel has been to is very long.

Historic Renovations

Why destroy it when you can revitalize it.
Through our experience, especially in VA Medical Center projects we have had the liberty of working with many Historical locations. We find that some owners are trying to preserve the history of their sites and what to maintain original characteristics as much as possible. TMM believes in supporting this preservation mindset and are extremely knowledgeable in doing so.

LEED / Sustainable Design

Go green.
TMM believes in the reasoning for going green. TMM has the capability of creating sustainable designs. We are qualified to evaluate and obtain LEED certifications on our projects. We also, can participate in obtaining green globes certification.



Electrical Engineerin
TMM has electrical engineers on staff to perform project requirements. We design to the latest standards and have the capability of performing electrical coordination studies as well.


Mechanical Engineering
Seasoned mechanical designers ready to take on your project. We also have the capability to do mechanical studies and system evaluations to suit your project needs.  We also specialize in plumbing and fire protection projects with vast knowledge of Legionella.      


Value Engineering
Our staff can look at your projects criteria and needs, looking for ways to reduce time, increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Facility Assessments

Facility Inspectors at your door step.
Our trained engineers will come to your site and evaluate the needs of your facility. With our in-house expertise, we can grade your facility and recommend ideas for upcoming projects. We also, will analyze systems and determine repair and maintenance needs.