FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

Support Services

Toland Mizell Molnar offers services to support our clients during and after the design process. We can provide project managers to oversee the project during construction. We can provide inspection services to monitor job completeness and use of correct materials and methods in accordance with building standards and project specifications.


Let our professionals manage your project.
With experience in building and designing, TMM can provide quality project managers to the jobsite. These managers can work under the owner or the contractor. We have found this service is especially beneficial in keeping a project on task and having an independent view of the project.

Construction Period Services

Monitoring quality and progress.
By having TMM monitor the progress and do periodic inspections of the construction work, this helps our clients get everything that the project was designed for. This extra level of assurance, will monitor not only the progress of the job but ensure proper materials are being used and building codes are being adhered to in accordance with the construction drawings and specifications.